Mobile Website Builders

# Score Plans Main Advantage Get Started


  • Aesthetically pleasing templates and design elements – each element can be customized to your chosen template with a quick click, which is something no other builder is currently offering.
  • Keeps your branding consistent, with all design elements aligning to one particular theme – ideal for those not-so-creative users.
  • Ability to change how your website looks on mobile within the desktop editor.


  • Highly intuitive and easy-to-use editor
  • Great value for money and help features
  • Highest public recommendation of any website builder


  • Brilliant support, especially from its live chat feature
  • Templates are fully mobile and tablet responsive
  • Fantastic and easy to use app market


  • Beautifully-designed, mobile-responsive portfolio templates
  • Quick and easy to get started – get your site live in under an hour
  • Wide range of ecommerce options for selling your photos


  • Offers great additional features such as blogging tools
  • Easy to use, making it a good choice for beginners
  • Best value for money out of any ecommerce builder

Overview of best 5 mobile website builders – as of June 2020

Site editing possibility: you are able to take it with you. Together with mobile site builders. 

These aren’t as powerful as the ones you can meet in a desktop version when you’re entering a site of a site maker to do all the actions. They are highly limited to allow doing only some actions that are you usually allowed within the version for desktops and, maybe, that’s the reason why far not all site makers have a mobile version to make changes to the sites. 


Introduction in mobile website builders

When we are talking about a mobile site maker – we mean a possibility to edit a site (which you created in a desktop version of a site maker) through a mobile application of the same site maker. Such an app is installed onto your smartphone or a tablet and works for Apple and/or Android OS. And we do not mean that this or that site maker has (or doesn’t have) a mobile-optimized version of a site – on our list, they all do have it. Some, however, have a remarkably well-built version of a site maker adapted for mobile screens, which actually looks so cool on a mobile that it is hard to believe that this is not a separate app. And it is powerful, too! We’re telling you right away, what we are talking about – a mobile website builder Voog. You might have not heard of it yet but you definitely shall try its power in more proximity. The very existence of this one denies the widespread awareness that mobile builders are not of power at all and just a trifle. In Voog, you can start a website from start to finish not resorting to a laptop version of a site maker, not even once.

When else you might need mobile apps of a site maker? When you’re pretty often on the go but you might have a need to make rapid changes to your site: for instance, you have found a mistake, or need to resize a pic, or need to change something on your menu, or change the price of some piece of merchandise. So, having a phone alongside, you can enter the app and go to editing menu to input changes fast, without the need to wait when you will end visiting 15 places you’re going today to and come back to your laptop at 3 o’clock in the morning. 

Not every site maker tends to have an app for editing a site using the screen of a tablet or a phone – just because they are heavily bobtailed in their functionality and peculiarity of work of iOS/Android OS. You won’t have access to edit the positioning of elements as well as background, integration to features and systems, as well as changing the SEO for your pages – but, essentially, you won’t have to. These apps are created to make edits on the go, covering the basics. What is exciting about them – is that you see a mobile version of your site on a mobile screen, seeing if what you’re doing is great for this type of screen right at once.

An important note about this review: in order to have a possibility to work on your site in an app, you have to be connected to the web maker, which provides this app, subscribe for it and build a viable site first. So, an app is just another way to access your site’s interface to make changes quickly.


5 options of mobile editors of website builders

Mobile website builder Wix

This site maker does not actually offer a mobile app, in which you can edit a site. Wix does have a mobile app but with harshly limited functionality – in this blog builder, you can only compose blog posts and add items of merchandise to your store. Nothing else is possible. Maybe, things will change in the future.


Pros of this one of free mobile website builders:

  • You can make editing but very limited.


Cons of this one of the best mobile website builders:

  • Not a powerful mobile app.

  • Not every template in Wix is mobile-friendly so you have to be careful selecting one for work.



For business and e-commerce, select any of existing three subscription plans: for $17, $25, and $35. If you’re not interested in this, try one of four remained: from $4.50 to $24.50. The first one has branding. The second eliminates it. All four have limits in bandwidth and storage. Unlimited bandwidth is only in e-commerce (yet limited storage).


Mobile website builder

It is a new and cool website maker, where you operate with tapping, choosing the proper section of your site and change the content by typing in new values. 



  • Available for iOS and Android.

  • Has automated generation of the site and you can adjust the result afterward.

  • It can integrate with your Facebook’s business page (and pull some content from there) – just indicate it at the start of your interaction with it.



  • You can’t publish a site unless you pay for the subscription. Play around as long as you can but without publishing.



It is nearly impossible to find out the pricing of site maker – as even the official site won’t show you this information, offering you to register first, build up a site, hit a publish button – and only then there will be a pop-up window with pricing. So, they offer you to spend around an hour just to let you find out if you want to deal with it or not – the worst ever approach in 2020, which is not met anywhere on the internet today if we’re talking about modern mobile friendly website builders.

So we did spend this hour for you and have an answer:

  • A free plan with the support of e-commerce & blog. It will have the branding of this mobile maker (but you can’t publish a website, though – a hilarious decision of owners)

  • A starter – from €7.61 a month (if paid for a year. Otherwise, the pricing is 7.92 if paid for 3 months or 8.05 of paid for 1 month). For some weird logic, this paid plan is harshly much more limited than a free-of-charge plan.

  • ‘Business’ for 11.63-12.54 Euros a month: allowing you to have basic analytics, e-commerce, reservations, and other things.


Website builder Jimdo

This mobile add-on to the regular website maker of Jimdo allows doing broad work in the mobile version of your website – compared to the regular PC version, this app is surprisingly powerful.



  • You can add/edit/copy/remove items of the mobile version of your site through using just tapping.

  • The functionality is powerful and is similar to the one of Weebly.

  • Good for working with blog posts.



  • It is not a powerful website maker itself, and that’s why it’s even surprising to see a well-built app.

  • You nearly can’t move elements of pages.



For no payment, play around with limited functionality. For 9 Euros, free yourself from branded ads all over and connect a custom domain. For 15 Euros, connect SEO and stats of visitors. For 19 and 39 Euros, get an online store of varying power.


Best free mobile website builder Voog

There is no app but there is an editor working well for mobile devices. So good, in fact, that is can be confused with an app. This mobile website maker is not a well known yet on a global market (its headquarters is based in Estonia) but it is gaining momentum.


Pros of this mobile websites creator:

  • A built-in multilingual editor, which you can set to automatically detect the region of a user to define the preferred language of the website to display.

  • Nice e-commerce, solid blogging, and great form maker.

  • From all the mobile website makers on our list in this article, it is the only one, which has a drag-and-drop on a mobile and tablet screen. It may be kinda tricky to use but overall, it copes with its tasks and allows working on the go for real, not being limited to just some operations, as its peers are. It offers big nice buttons located in the lower part of the screen to work with content of a site, which are goodly visualized, signed, and deliver all editing capacities (making us sometimes think during the use of it on a mobile screen about the unnecessary laptop version of this mobile website maker if you’re not actually planning to have a laptop version of a site – which is increasingly true on the verge of decades in the 21st century). 


Cons of this mobile editor:

  • There are no limits only in the costliest plan, while other two go with limits in storage, pages, fee, the quality of support and store.



If you choose to pay monthly, you’ll be charged with 8, 14 or 50 Euros per month. The annual subscription is going to change your price to 6, 10, and 39 Euros a month accordingly. In the ‘Standard’ plan, you get 2 Gb storage, 3-languages site, an online store of initial power with 3% commission, a paid custom domain, nice design, API, and SSL. In the ‘Plus’ plan, you get 10 Gb storage and better store, and a possibility to gain a custom domain for free. Opting for ‘Premium’, you get unlimited storage and the best e-commerce from what this mobile website builder offers. Plus – no transaction fees, better support, and custom SSL.


Mobile website builder Weebly

This is a very basic mobile website builder, where you enact things by means of tapping. Once the element is tapped, it shows the number of actions you can do with it: edit, copy or delete. This app can be called relatively ‘full’. You can add items by means of the ‘Build’ button in the bottom – once clicked, it shows you a number of elements to drag onto the mobile page. 


Pros of this professional platform:

  • Large buttons to use with fingers easily.

  • Has a lot of power and functionality to allow much editing capabilities.



  • Sometimes, screens freeze.

  • Sometimes, uploads fail.



For 0 money, get started. For 5 Euros, connect a domain. For 10, 20, and 30 Euros get a varying functionality of an online store: from just a shopping cart and accepting payments through a number of channels, to really powerful functions of managing your merchandise, store, discounts, coupons, taxation, and delivery processes.


The mobile (or tablet) application of a website builder does not necessarily need to have all features of a laptop version (and, for sure, it won’t). The app that is launched on your iOS or Android device is going to serve you as some sort of temporary solution when you’re away from your PC but also, it is a nice thing to use to see how your website looks on the same screen you’re now holding in your hands and to change it – if you find flaws. The only exclusion from the general simplicity of using mobile website builders we can name Voog – a not well known yet website builder but the only one on the list, which gives real power to working with your site. It has so well-done interface that you can confuse it with an app (but it is not an app, that’s simply a very user-friendly tool). 

Making changes to your site may be important when you find something that cannot wait to be changed. Or when you are on the road while needing to make a blog post not to skip the schedule and stay connected to your audience on time (as your subscribers deserve it). Mobile website builders want to become such a solution to make you connected and deeply immersed in your business, connecting you to the world.